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About The Book

This transporting and lushly photographed book evokes the pleasure of eating outdoors, with accessible recipes for everyday meals with friends and family. Emma Frisch’s encouraging and clear instructions make fireside cooking feel effortless and downright fun. She includes menu planners, handy illustrations, equipment lists, and tips showing how to prepare for any trip, even if it’s just to the local park on a weeknight. Featuring more than seventy adaptable recipes, Emma’s book pairs practical information with evocative photography and passionate writing about the connections we all make when we’re sharing a meal around the campfire. BUY NOW!

“What I love most about Emma’s recipes is that they’re incomparably delicious but not intimidating to make — and that’s because she’s as great a teacher as she is a chef. This book takes all the guesswork out of cooking in the great outdoors, which makes it just as much fun as camping itself.” – Justin Fenner, Senior Editor, Men’s Journal

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“Filled with fun and accessible recipes, bold and inspiring photography, and documenting Emma’s tales with loved ones around the world, this book dares you to go outside and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, starting and ending with a meal around the fire.” – Farideh Sadeghin, test kitchen Executive Director at Vice Munchies

“There’s a joy in simple things done under the sky. Listen to Emma Frisch spin the ol’ dharma of woodsmoke and cicada song to serenade the best food you’re ever gonna make for yourself. Get lost in the stories, chill your beer in the stream, and tuck in.” – Duff Goldman, author and star of Ace of Cakes

“Cooking under the open stars with just  the right tools in hand deepens our connection to nature in the most special of ways. To experience it with a sense of prepared confidence, buy this book!” – Michel Nischan, James Beard Foundation Award-Winner & Founder Wholesome Wave

Feast by Firelight delivers the smell of campfire, the promise of adventure, and a guarantee of the best food you’ll ever eat under the stars.” – Thayer Walker, correspondent Outside Magazine

“In this delight of a book, Emma Frisch shares her passion for nature, a genuine love of camping, and enough expert advice and recipes to convince even me that it would be worth risking being the main ingredient on a bear’s menu to eat this terrific food.” – Simon Majumdar, Author and Broadcaster, judge on Cutthroat Kitchen


The first thing a new author learns is that, like rearing a child, it takes a village to make a book. I am indebted to so many people for their guidance, support, and contributing talents. While I’ve dedicated three pages in the book to giving thanks, I’d like to mention several noteworthy people and teams here: my compassionate, visionary and skilled mentors at Ten Speed Press; Christina Holmes (photos!), Chris Lanier (food!) and Kaitlyn Du Ross Walker (props!) for producing a visually compelling book unlike any other in the camping/outdoor category; and my husband Bobby, mother and family for giving me (and Ayla) unconditional love and support in realizing this decade-long dream.