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October 18, 2018. Chasing the Dirtbag Culinary Dream in 3 Cookbooks. Outside Online.

October 15, 2018. A Feast by Firelight. Cowboy Indians.

October 5, 2018. Wake Up and Smell the Turkish Coffee. The Chalkboard.

September 18, 2018. How to Pack a Cooler: Are You Doing it the Right Way? The Chalkboard.

September 10, 2018. ‘Feast by Firelight Could Be the Best Camping Cookbook, Ever. Adventure Sports Network.

August 15, 2018. Everything You Need to Have a Campfire Cookout. Epicurious.

August 15, 2018. Campfire Cooking Gets a Gourmet Boost. Glamping.

August 7, 2018. 13 Instagram-Worthy Camping Sites That Ooze Luxury. LiveStrong.

August 7, 2018. How to Grill Nachos on Your Grill in Just 10 Minutes. Men’s Journal.

July 30, 2018. Ithaca chef…releases cookbook geared towards campers, outdoor cooking. Binghamton Homepage.

July 25, 2018. ‘Feast By Firelight Beckons Dining Under the Stars. Kane County Chronicle.

July 13, 2018. Honey-Coriander Glazed Pork Chops with Roasted Corn Salsa. Parade.

July 11, 2018. Campfire Popcorn with Smoked Sea Salt. Parade.

July 2, 2018. Emma Frisch Bio. Wisconsin Public Radio.

June 28, 2018. Grilled Stone Fruit with Bread Crumble. TASTE.

June 22, 2018. 3 Easy Summer Campfire Recipes Your Entire Family Will Enjoy. Health.

June 20, 2018. Emma Frisch’s Cookbook Redefines the Camping Food Experience. Syracuse New Times.

June 19, 2018. 10 Cooking Hacks That Will Make You The Campfire Hero. Chicago Tribune.

June 15, 2018. Lemon-Olive Oil Thumbprint Cookies. Tasting Table.

June 15, 2018. Feast by Firelight Book Review. Library Journal.

June 2018. Amazon Editors’ Best Books Of The Year So Far – 2018. Amazon.

June 15, 2018. Glamping Slips Into The Mainstream. The New York Times.

June 15, 2018. Why We Camp? The Food. Taste

June 13, 2018. Campfire Cooking. The Epoch Times.

June 4, 2018. A Modern Guide To Camping (And Eating) Well, by Florence Fabricant. The New York Times.

June 2018. 6 Useful Gifts For A Cottage-Loving Dad. Cottage Life.

June, 2018. The Everything Tastes Better Outside Cookbook. Taste.

June 6, 2018. A Modern Guide To Camping (And Eating) Well.

May 25, 2018. Grilled Asparagus with Honey Mustard Dressing. Tasting Table.

May 24, 2018. Southern Tompkins Town Talk: Emma Frisch’s New Cookbook Heads Outdoors. Ithaca Journal.

May 2018. The Ultimate List of Camping Tips. Take Outdoors.

May 22, 2018. Feast By Firelight: Tips to Eating Well While Camping. Honest Cooking.

May/June 2018. Upgrade Your Camping Grub. Serendipity Magazine.

May 15, 2018. A Guide To “Roughing It” For Hipsters and Other Artisanal Types. Amazon Book Review.

May 11, 2018. Ep 43: For the Love of Real, Simple, Delicious Food with Emma Frisch. Inhabit Podcast.

May 2018. The Ultimate List of Camping Tips. Take Outdoors.

May 8, 2018. Gifts for Moms, Dads, and Grads. Honest Cooking.

April 28, 2018. Off the Menu with Dara. Stitcher.

April 24, 2018. Can Making S’Mores Together Change The World? Former Food Network TV Star Emma Frisch Thinks So. Forbes.

April 24, 2018. 10 Books to Read If You Love Camping and the Outdoors. Signature.

April 24, 2018. Plant of the Month Recipe: Lemon Parsley Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing. Jessica Murnane.

April 24, 2018. Feast by Firelight, and Other Places. Spoon University.

April 20, 2018. Why You Must Try Glamping ASAP, According to Emma Frisch. Forward.

April 13, 2018. Simple, Mouthwatering Camping Recipes for the Great Outdoors. Men’s Journal.

April 2018. Interview with Emma Frisch. Messkit Magazine.

April 9, 2018. Podcast: Camp Cooking and a Feast by Firelight with Emma Frisch. At The Table. (Listen on iTunes).

April 3, 2018. Emma Frisch of Firelight Camps Launches “Feast By Firelight” Cookbook. REV Ithaca Startup Works.

March 21, 2018. Spring 2018 Cookbook Preview: The 37 New Cookbooks To Buy This Spring. Epicurious.

March 15, 2018. Prepare for your Firelight Camps Getaway with a “Feast by Firelight” inspired by Emma Frisch’s New Cookbook! Finger Lakes Blog (

February 2018. Fireside Chats with Emma and Bobby Frisch. Global Glamping Summit.

February 26, 2018. Interview with Eric Clay. Made Of Clay WRFI Radio.

April 21, 2017. The Best Chef-Led Food Tours Around The World. Tasting Table.

February 16, 2017. Why Southern Tier: Emma Frisch of Firelight Camps. Southern Tier Startup Alliance.

June 13, 2016. Sleepaway Glamp: The 10 Best Destinations To Camp In Style. Tasting Table.

June 10, 2016. Unplugged in Ithaca: Firelight Camps.

Don’t Dump That Pickle Juice! 12 Unexpected Ways To Use It. Better Homes and Gardens.

November 5, 2015. Batter Up! Purity Pancakes has Breakfast Treats. Ithaca Journal.

September 9, 2015. The Beauty of Fireside Entertaining. Martha Stewart.

Glamping Upstate of Gotham. YRB Magazine.

August 24, 2015. Like the Band She Loves, Frisch will be Cooking at “Magnaball”; Wilton Native Guest Chef at Phish Festival. The Hour.

April 25, 2015. The Three Season Diet – Podcast. An Organic Conversation.

Cornell University. Guest on Eating Ethics.

April 9, 2015. A Moving Feast. Hot Potato Press.

March 6, 2015. The FLX FAQsEverything Biscuits. Edible Finger Lakes.

February 2015. Dispatches from the Seneca Lake Uprising. EcoWatch.

January 2015. Hat’s Off to the Finger Lakes. Mountain Home Magazine.

December 9, 2014. Dinner by Firelight. BioLite.

Destination: Glamping, Into the Woods. Wire Magazine.

November Issue. Pumpkin Dishes, Savory and Sweet. Serendipity Magazine.

November 13, 2014. An Easy & Affordable, Glamorous Getaway. Lucky Magazine.

November 13, 2014. (Budget Friendly Getaway) Glamping at Firelight Camps. The BLVD.

October 26, 2014. Firelight Camps in Ithaca, NY. Bitches Who Brunch.

October 20, 2014. The Best Places to Go “Glamping” in the US. Business Insider.

October 20, 2014. Ahhh…the Comfy Outdoors: “Glamping” Camping for Those Who Consider High-Thread-Count Sheets Important. The Wall Street Journal.

October 15, 2014. 7 Outdoor Outings with Just the Right Touch of Luxury. Vogue.

Ithaca: The Culinary Pride of the Finger Lakes. Edible Finger Lakes (Issue: July/August 2014).

“Fig & Pecan Truffles (paired with Ports of New York Red Meleau).” Culinary History of the Finger Lakes: From the Three Sisters to Riesling. By Laura Winter Falk.

Penn Alumni You Should Know About: Vol. 19. Penntertainment.

September 26, 2014. Hot Spots for Global Glamping. Self Magazine.

September 8, 2014. You’ll Love Emma Frisch’s Choco-Bacon-Burrata Sandwich. Ithaca Journal.

August 29, 2014. TV Contestant Emma Frisch Adds Touch to Local Program. Ithaca Journal.

August 25, 2014. 10 Top Glamping Accommodations for Exploring Nature in Style in the USA. Jessie on a Journey.

August 7, 2014. Ithaca Farmers Market: A Slow Food Pioneer. Slow Food USA.

July 31, 2014. Firelight Camps: Sneak Peek Part 1 / Sneak Peek Part 2. WENY TV.

July 27, 2014. Wilton Native Makes to Week 8 of Food Network Star. The Hour.

July 24, 2014. What’s Next for Emma Frisch. WHCU Radio.

July 22, 2014. Wilton Native Eliminated from Food Network Star. Wilton Daily Voice.

July 21, 2014. Ithaca Food Network Star Emma Frisch Eliminated. Ithaca Journal.

July 16, 2014. What Slow Food Means for the Next Generation (By Emma Frisch). Slow Food USA.

July 13, 2014. Community Member Feature: Emma Frisch. GreenStar.

July 11, 2014. Emma Frisch at Silver Thread Vineyard. WENY TV.

July 10, 2014. Interview with Emma Frisch. Rock All Night Radio.

July 7, 2014. Ithaca Food Network Star Advances to Episode 7. Ithaca Journal.

July 1, 2014. Local CT Resident, Emma Frisch, is Next “Food Network Star.” CT Bites.

June 30, 2014. Food Network Star Advances. Ithaca Journal.

June 27, 2014. Ithaca’s Own Food Network Star. WHCU Radio.

June 27, 2014. Food Network Star Cooks Family Recipe. WENY TV.

June 27, 2014. Wilton Native Still Cooking in Food Network Star. Wilton Daily Voice.

June 23, 2014. Ithaca’s Emma Frisch advances on ‘Food Network Star’. Ithaca Journal

June 23, 2014.  After a tragic weekend in Ithaca, community members gather at Cinemapolis to rediscover joy and laughter at the Episode 4 screening of Food Network Star with Emma Frisch. Check out the clip between the 2 and 3 minute mark. Star Gazette.

June 22, 2014. Contestants let weird win on ‘Food Network Star’.  Guide Live

June 21, 2014.  Former Wiltonian competes to be a ‘Food Network Star”. Wilton Bulletin

June 16, 2014. Ithaca Chef Wins Episode 3 Challenge on Food Network Star. Star Gazette.

June 15, 2014. The Sky is the Limit for Wilton’s Food Network Star. Wilton Villager.

June 13, 2014. Food Network Yoga Interview. WENY Good Morning Twin Tiers (TV).

June 12, 2014. Food Network Star. The Hour.

June 9, 2014. Emma Frisch heads to round 3 of Food Network Star. Ithaca Journal.

June 6, 2014. Emma Frisch Food Network Star Interview: Rhubarbecue Ribs. WENY Good Morning Twin Tiers (TV).

June 5, 2014. Ithaca Food Blogger heads to Round 2 of Food Network Star. Ithaca Journal.

June 5, 2014. Morning show with Gabe and Harper. Z95.5 Ithaca’s Hit Music.

June 4, 2014. The Emerald City: Voices from the Future. WRFI Radio.

May 30, 2014. Meet the Next Food Network Star. WHCU Radio.

May 29, 2014. Ithaca Blogger to be on Food Network Star. Ithaca Journal.

May 29, 2014. Guest Interview with Emma Frisch, Food Network Star. WYXL 97.3 FM Lite Rock (Radio).

May 29, 2014. Ithaca Native on Food Network. WENY Good Morning Twin Tiers (TV).

May 28, 2014. Alumna to Compete on Food Network Star: Emma Frisch has gone from Small Kitchens to to National Television Pushing Healthy Food. The Daily Pennsylvanian

May 28, 2014. Emma Frisch: Food Network Star Contestant. Finger Lakes Morning Show (Radio).

May 23, 2014. Frisch to Compete On Food Network Star. Food Network.

Food Network Star Season 10 Finalist. Meet the Finalist: Emma Frisch.

May 9, 2014. Star-a-Day: Emma Frisch. Food Network.

May 6, 2014. Former Wilton Resident among Finalists on “Food Network Star.” Wilton Daily Voice.

May 6, 2014. Daughter of Norwalk Residents among Finalists on “Food Network Star.” Norwalk Daily Voice.

November 16, 2013. Panel Discussion: Tools and Strategies for Making Capital and Credit Available at the Finger Lakes Social Entrepreneurship Institute.

October 2013. Catering for Retreat: The Sparks Center for Leadership, Innovation and Community (Lincoln, Vermont)

September 2, 2013. Summit Gathering Focuses on Food Justice Tompkins Weekly.

August 2013. Catering for Retreat: Advanced Leadership Institute for Growing Non-Profits (Marlboro College Graduate Program in Non-Profit Management, Brattleboro, Vermont)

August 7, 2013. Bring Home the Bacon or Put It In A Meat Locker? NPR.

June 26, 2013. “Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneur” Presentation by Emma Frisch at the Cornell Entrepreneurship POPSHOP.

June 4, 2013. Workshop: Crowdfunding – A New Way to Raise Money (Trainer: Emma Frisch), Sponsored by the Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County.

May 28, 2013. “Passion as a Vehicle for Change“ Keynote Presentation by Emma Frisch at the Community Foundation of Tompkins County’s Annual Meeting.

April 29, 2013. Panelist: Emma Frisch, Ithaca Loves Local: The Economics of Community.

April 19, 2013. Panel Discussion (Moderator – Emma Frisch): When does Social Value Translate into Market Value, at the Entrepreneurship @ Cornell 2013 Celebration.

April 19, 2013. “Change for Good: Social Entrepreneurs Pinpoint Tips for Making Startups with a Conscience Sustainable.” Cornell Enterprise Online.

April 13, 2013. Brunch-Off: Spiced Carrot-Papaya Muffuns & Papaya Smoothie. BLISSTREE.

April 1, 2013. Radio Interview: PEAKS. Hosted and produced by Allison Kitchner. Ithaca Community Radio.

April 1, 2013. Podcast: For the Love of Family, Community & Classic Italian Meatballs. Hosted and produced by Allison Kitchner. Ithaca Community Radio.

January 2013. Radio Interview: The Birth of PEAKS. Ithaca Week.

January 16, 2013. Interviews with Amazing Women. Emma Frisch: In the Kitchen and on the PEAKSRoam Life.

December 17, 2012. Project: Clean Food, “Apple Sage Pumpkin Muffins.”

December, 2012. Award ceremony for PEAKS from the Community Foundation of Tompkins County.

December 4, 2012. Harvest Dinner Challenge Fundraiser, a pop-up restaurant that raised over $500 for Health Food For All. (See also:

November 28, 2012. Sense & Savor: A Communal Food Affair, a pop-up restaurant that raised over $800 for Gardens 4 Humanity.

November 14, 2012. Why I’m going to Women 2.0 PITCH NYCWomen 2.0.


October 23, 2012. Founder, Emma Frisch, interviewed on Ithaca Community Radio, with Kai Keene of Sustainable Neighborhoods Nicaragua.

Oct. 12, 2012. Eat Local and Save! Burn & Build Body.

October, 2012. 1st Place Pumpkin Cook-Off, Cornell Cooperative Extension.

August 3, 2012. Eating on the Road. Burn & Build Body.

July 5, 2012. Op-Ed: Greenwich dishes up high-fructose corn syrup to kids.

June 26, 2012. Ophelia’s School Lunch in America’s Richest Town. Jamie Oliver Blogs.

June 14, 2012. Summer Pesto Recipe: We Are What We Eat. Burn & Build Body.

June 4, 2012. A Perfect Bowl of Soup. Lisa Corrado Nutrition.

May 2012. Atwater, the Perfect Picnic CompanionThe Hill Rag.

April 13, 2012. 1st Place Winners “Recipes from the Iron Chef Sage Social” Cornell Business Journal.

April 2012. White Port Spritzer, an Unexpected Discovery. (The Hill Rag.

February 8, 2012. “Taking Adventure Travel to New Heights.” Raxa Collective.

January 4, 2011. Announcing the 2011 Fellowship Semifinalists. Echoing Green.

November 7, 2011. Ithaca-Baked Apple Dumplings. Shantilly Picnic.

October 22, 2011. Being the Change: Radio Interview. An Organic Conversation.

October, 2011. “Jones New York: Empowered to Succeed.” Elle Magazine.

October 20, 2011. Frisch Kitchen: Celebrating Food, Friends, and Family. Shantilly Picnic.

October 18, 2011. Our Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold meets a Foodie. Mirth in a Box.

July 2011. Emma Kirwan: Short Documentary & Interview. Jones New York Empowerment Fund.

January 2011. “Empowering Your Confidence.” Vanity Fair.

Local First Ithaca: Eat Local Map

November 1, 2010. Charity Spotlight: Peaks Over Poverty. Love & Water Designs.

September 27, 2010. Career Series: How do I become a grant writer?

September 23, 2010. Peaks Over Poverty wins a small grant from the Jones New York Empowerment Fund. PR Newswire.

September, 2010. Grant award for PEAKS from Jones New York Empowerment Fund for Women.

September 23, 2010. Jones New York Helps Women Achieve Goals Through $60,000 in Grants From the Jones New York Empowerment Fund. Reuter’s.

September 4, 2010. “Volcano Climber Scales New Heights.” The Norwalk Daily.

September 2010. Peaks Challenge Fundraiser, Raised over $10,000 for Peaks Over Poverty.

August 7, 2010. Climb for a Cause, Hike with a Heart. Being Dreamy.

December 2009. Garcés, Sandra y Emma Kirwan. “Las Canastas Comunitarias en Ecuador: una apuesta por la salud, la economía, y la solidaridad.” Letras Verdes Revista 5. FLACSO.

September 2008. Kirwan, Emma. “Building anurban-rural platform for food security.” LEISA Magazine 24.3. Global Edition. (Published in English, Spanish, Indonesian, and Chinese)


Public Speaking Events

“New Marketing Trends for Existing Operators.” Global Glamping Summit. Denver, Colorado. 4.25.18

Live Cooking Demo & Book Signing at Le Creuset Denver, Colorado, 4.25.18

Live Demo, “Taste the Finger Lakes” Festival, 6.18.17

Presentation to 100 MBA students from ESCP Business School, 3.24.17

Entrepreneurship Speaker Series, Cornell, 3.21.17

Chef Panelist, 92nd Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell Conference, 100 ppl, 3.18.17

Firelight Camps won First Place in REV‘s Pitch Madness, 150 ppl, 3.9.17

Agriculinary Tourism Conference, 100 ppl, 2.7.17

Guest Lecture, Ithaca College, 50 ppl, 2.2.17

Emcee, Greenwich Food and Wine Festival, 300 ppl, 9.24.16

Guest Presentation, Ithaca Rotary Club, 150 ppl, 6.22.16

Agriculinary Tourism Conference, 50 ppl, 3.18.16

“Scalable Food and Entrepreneurship,” panel presentation, 150 ppl, 5.7.15

Keynote Address, Tompkins Cortland Community College Hospitality, Culinary and Wine Marketing Programs Career Day, 80 ppl, 4.14.15

Cider Dinner Emcee, Finger Lakes Cider Week, 30 ppl, 10.3.15

Live Demo, Greenwich Food and Wine Festival, 100 ppl, 9.27.14

Judge, Apple Pie Contest at Ithaca Harvest Festival, 100 ppl, 10.5.15

Food Network Star Movie Theater Screenings, 50-150 ppl, weekly from June, August 2015

Judge, Al Fresco All Natural Sausage Iron Chef Competition, 30 ppl, 7.28.15

Featured Guest on “The Ethics of Eating” Online Series, Cornell University, 2015

“Women in Leadership Round Table,” Cornell SC Johnson College of Business – Statler School of Hotel Administration, panel lecture, 40 pp, 10.15.14

Guest Lecture, Ithaca College, 30 ppl, 10.9.14

Welcome Speech, Firelight Camps Opening Party, 500 ppl, 9.4.14

“Lessons Learned from an Entrepreneur,” Cornell Entrepreneurship POPSHOP, 25 ppl, 6.26.13

Keynote Address, “Passion as a Vehicle for Change,” Community Foundaiton of Tompkins County Annual Meeting, 150 ppl, 5.28.13

“Ithaca Loves Local: The Economics of Community,” Panel Presentation, Greater Ithaca Activities Center, 75 ppl, 4.29.13

“When does Social Value Translate into Market Value,” Panel Moderator, Entrepreneurship at Cornell 2013 Celebration, 50 ppl, 4.19.13

“Crowdfunding – A New Way to Raise Money,” Workshop, Ithaca Human Services Coalition, 40 ppl, 6.4.12