Dear friends and fellow eaters. It’s been ages … eons! … since I’ve posted, and I promise it’s for good reason. I have lots of exciting news on the way, but first, I want to share a very special event with you that includes a multi-course campfire feast, a stunning documentary screening and a night of glamping at Firelight Camp!

Photo by: @ladyvenom / Marion Vicenta Payr

Last summer I had the incredible opportunity to visit Juneau and Sitka, Alaska, two strongholds of Wild Alaskan Salmon. The salmon spell is real there, touching everyone and everything with a sense of permanence. And yet, I learned that Wild Salmon is sadly on its way to extinction. This animal (and ingredient) represents so much at stake; as Kendall Whitney said, “it’s pure joy and pure life in its most elemental form.”

I was up late one evening after the Sitka Seafood Festival with Elizabeth (a dear old friend) and Mark Titus (a new friend). Elizabeth had already brought Wild Salmon and other sustainable seafood into landlocked Ithaca, but we wanted to make a bigger splash. We wondered at the possibility of bringing Mark from his Seattle home to Ithaca for a screening (or two) of his riveting documentary about Wild Salmon, The Breach. The spark ignited. We connected with Ithaca-based Jessie Johnson of The Sustainable Seafood Blog Project, and stretched our fins further to gauge Nicole Gaffney’s interest in cooking salmon with me. Our small school of fish set the stage for sharing the wonder of Wild Salmon with the greater Ithaca community and Finger Lakes Region. The result is the first ever Ithaca Sustainable Seafood Week, a seven-day celebration (check out the full schedule of events).

As part of this inaugural week, Nicole, Mark and I are teaming up to present a multi-course campfire feast alongside an outdoor screening of The Breach… all under the stars at Firelight Camps. Our overnight package is $309 for two people, and includes (yes, for both people):

  • Overnight stay at Firelight Camps in a king or double queen tent
  • Outdoor screening (under the lobby tent) of The Breach
  • Exclusive, campfire Q&A with filmmaker, Mark Titus
  • Campfire dinner prepared by Nicole Gaffney and Emma Frisch (menu below)

We have only 5 tents left – you can book here! I hope that some of you can join us for this enchanting evening, and if not, we will surely keep spreading the salmon love.  For those looking to whet their appetite, here is the menu:


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Allison November 14, 2016 at 1:38 PM

What a fun event! Sad I couldn’t make it.

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