There’s always a rush to the grocery store to get a Thanksgiving turkey before they’re sold out. Want to know a secret for saving the stress? Get a frozen turkey, from a farmer. If you’re in Ithaca, the Good Life Farm raises pasture-raised turkeys to order, and they are sensational in flavor.

Here are two videos Tracy and I made in the Early Morning Farm kitchen to get you started! Our method for preparing and roasting a turkey will also work for any turkey, frozen or thawed. And seriously, between the two of us we’ve tried every way to cook a turkey (wet brined, basted … you name it) and this is the easiest, foolproof approach for a succulent bird to give thanks for!

Just to make sure you’re not forgetting anything, watch our video on How to Have  Stress-Free Thanksgiving and download our sample menu, prep schedule and menu planner (with shopping list).