Now and then I am stirred by poetry to recreate every sip, nibble and smile of a spectacular meal that I want to permanently engrave in my noggin. This one unraveled as a praise of thanks to my Ithacan family, who organized a traveling feast for my birthday, synchronized with my twin sister, Dimity (and obviously, her birthday), and my Mamma’s visit to town.

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 Avast! The Travelin’ Feast

The merry band of feasters grooved
And swelled with each new hearth,
Three courses spread beneath three roofs
Twins swathed in feathered scarves.

With mamma they adventured crowned,
To celebrate their prime.
You sweet friends, so tightly bound
We bless with thanks at 29!

Mythaca! Avast!

Cleveland, shucks! Oysters slurped
In plum purple mignonette.
Mary beckoned, rouged to flirt,
Whom honeyed Shiso stood to vet.

With skillful hands a tender swine
Pulled nimbly, dished with tongs of oak,
Atop the maize and kimchi brine,
Adorned with avocado yolk.

Nori furled with spicy kicks,
Mellowed by the almond mix.
Spanakopita, damn you’re true!
Ginger, snap! The perfect chew.

Hooray! Avast!

Lincoln’s flurries kissed our lashes,
Promptly warmed by Luna’s glow.
A bubbling pot of birthday bash,
Fresh loaves absorbed rich olive flow.

Entrées soon transpired like magic,
Curried roots, pork pizza reprise!
Famed shredded salad vanished quick,
Enchiladas ole! and Finger Lakes cheese.

The table dressed with butcher wrap, for
Wayward drippings and Crayola scribbles.
Bubbles and wine, uncorked, uncapped!
Poured forth more merry evening giggles.

Swoon! Avast!

The flock ballooned, parading to Lynn,
Exalted dessert! Tis’ you we seek!
Treasures awaited our plastered grins,
Rosemary suds amidst decadent treats.

Cream cheese laced brownies trumped common wheat!
Mason peaches drew summer-struck throngs,
Hips swayed and crooned with the pod’s spinning beats,
As kitchen fairies prepared for The Song.

With candles ablaze the twins blushed bright,
As the chorus burst: “Happy Birthday to you!”
They blew peaceful wishes with all their might,
And bowed to cake masterpiece, tiramisu.

Bliss! Avast!

Soon tempted by buffers with storybook dreams
The family of feasters brimmed with affection,
Enduring embraces tightened their seams, for
This eve, over creek, they branched in direction.

Heads rested on pillows, aloft with fresh tastes,
The travelin’ feasts’ memories settled in place.
Tucked into Cayuga’s serene and snug space,
Two twins and their mamma said one more grace.

Sweet Gratitude Friends! Avast! Avast!

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