I LOVE DESSERT. And this was the best. dessert. ever. Today, I defer to a baking goddess, Shanti Church. Our wedding cake was sensational. Yes, I know. The words “wedding cake” and “sensational” usually have trouble fitting into one sentence. In this case they do, with plenty of room for more “sensational’s”. Our friends and family were lining up for seconds, which had already disappeared in a flash down the gullets of speedier dessert-o’s. Our gratitude is enormous for the incredible amount of work, beauty, talent and LOVE that Shanti (and her partner Steve) put into our sweet ending.

Here’s a teaser for the full post Wedding Cake Chronicles: The Finale.


I did it! I made a wedding cake. Even better, I made a wedding cake for one of the most amazing weddings I’ve ever been to. Emma and Bobby’s farm love fest was pure magic. Friends and family came from all over the world to share in the celebration. Everyone was beaming with happiness all day long, including me! Not even the stress of assembling a 3-tiered cake in 90% humidity could keep the smile off my face. 

So my timeline worked out like this:

Wednesday: Baked all cakes and made the lemon syrup (4 hours)
Thursday: Made lemon cream filling (1 hour)
Friday: Made berry filling, espresso syrup, mascarpone filling, first double batch of buttercream, filled and frosted the 6″ and 12″ tiramisu cakes. (6 hours)
Saturday: Made two more double batches of buttercream, filled and frosted 9″ round and 9×13″ lemon berry cakes, picked flowers for decorating, assembled/stacked the cakes, decorated, prayed. (5 hours+)

My suggestion is, do as much as possible beforehand. Especially if you plan on attending the wedding. And make sure to give yourself a few buffer hours incase you find yourself with thinner-than-expected-lemon-cream-filling-that-results-in-and-entire-4-layered-cake-strewn-all-over-the-refrigerator… Hot humid weather is a bitch.

Alas, I was able to pick up all the pieces (or layers in this case), clean them up and start fresh. Once the cakes were frosted and chilling safely in the refrigerator, I took a nice calming walk around the breathtaking Millstone Farm to collect flowers. I gathered sunflowers, dill flower, borage, chrysanthemums, calendula, clover flowers, magenta lambs quarters, and lots more. It was just me and the bees.

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