Poached eggs. Who doesn’t love them? Apart from the fact that they’re marvelously healthy, creamy, rich and faux fancy! Funnily enough, I’d never tried to make one. Good old Bobby, who can be relied on for most kitchen tips and tricks, gave me a quick lesson. Which quickly turned into a competition. Though half of my egg whites floated away from the yolk in thin streamers, the remaining poach was a superb shape and perfectly gooey center!

Tip: Serve eggs on top of toast with jam, and a sprinkle of sea salt. The sweet-salty combination is incredible! Perhaps a British tradition, though always a staple in my house growing up.

Fresh California berries. How sweet it is to love yourself with food!

I’ll defer to the experts for step-by-step instructions for poaching eggs at home. Don’t be scared. It’s simple, and just a question of trying! You will still end up with yummy eggs, no matter the shape or size!

A fantastic article:How to Poach an Egg, Smitten Kitchen-Style

60-second video: How to Poach an Egg 


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