Preface: One of the most sensational snacks I’ve made, to date. Seriously.

In light of three fermentastic events happening in Ithaca next weekend with Sandor Katz, author of Wild Fermentation, I’m dedicating this weekend to recipes for eating with KIMCHI!


What is all this hype about ferment? Well, most people think “rot” right? Or something along those lines. But turn your mind to blue cheese or wine, both respected (and desired) fermented products. There are a myriad of fermented foods out there, the majority of which were adapted in cultures that relied on fermentation as a way to store food. Only recently have we discovered the health benefits derived from eating foods with living organisms. That’s right, there are microbes that boost our immune system, aid our digestion, and keep us glowing inside and out.

I’ve put together an online resource to help people in Ithaca find fermented foods: Find Your Ferment.However, this guide is also an example of how to look for and find fermented products in your own neighborhood. And more importantly, the Recipes you’ll need to cook with them! You can also find aResource page, with great reading materials from hard science, to economics, and other interesting tidbits about fermentation.

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Kimchi Nachos!

The following ingredients can be adjusted in quantity to your fancy. The spicy-sour kimchi pairs marvelously with the buttery melted cheese and salty crunch. Fascinating concoction.

  • Yield: Enough for 2, and a good movie or beer


  • blue corn tortilla chips
  • cheddar cheese, grated
  • kimchi


  1. There are two ways to put this together.
  2. First top the chips with grated cheese and melt in the oven or toaster oven. Add your kimchi last. Since heat might kill the healthy microbes in your kimchi, this preserves them while adding the melty cheese we all crave with nachos.
  3. Add the kimchi first and cheese on top. Just as lip-smackingly good!


Allergens: dairy

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