Photography: Shanshan Mei

Before delving into the culinary delights of wild ramps in Episode 3 (Part 2) – Two Dishes with Wild Ramp Pesto, join my friends and me on a forest adventure to learn a thing or two about safe and sustainable foraging. There is nothing like a Spring hike and chancing upon a patch of wild ramps; bright, wide, ribbed leaves bursting through muddy soil and decomposed foliage, announcing the forest’s reawakening. The site of spring green takes my breath away. Not to mention, noshing on a fresh blade will make your head spin with immune-boosting Vitamin C. GET THE RECIPE for Wild Ramp Pesto.

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Co-Produced by Shanshan Mei & Emma Frisch
Directed by Shanshan Mei
Hosted by Emma Frisch
Videography, Photography & Graphic Design by Shanshan Mei
Hand-drawn animation by Emma Frisch
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